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Our secret sauce is a great story,
so let’s find yours.
We work with influencers to create a compelling story, and help them shape their content strategy around that story. Then we take their stories to brands who share a mindset and a consumer group—and make lasting partnerships.
With expertise in editorial branding and social media strategy, we work with you to create a story around your brand, one that resonates with a unique audience and differentiates you in a crowded field—a story that gets you noticed! We build brand concepts that succeed because they are focused, relevant and targeted.
We partner our community of influencers with brands uniquely positioned to benefit from their reach and relevance. Thinking differently, we create content-sharing packages that take the typical partnership far beyond the “sponsored blog post” model, and into new, creative territory. We make matches that get results!
We love our clients!
Let us be your consultant, your new PR company, your editor, your social media pro, and your key to building a multimedia content strategy. Because nothing makes us happier than helping you,
take your business to the next level.


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