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who we are


Based in Los Angeles, with team members in Denver and New York, CookIt Media specializes in brand strategy, influencer marketing and content creation. We work with both brands and influencers, bringing our expertise as editors, marketers, content creators and social media pros to the work of building brands, shaping partnerships and creating content.

We like to think of ourselves as outliers in the industry, taking a holistic view of the business of influencer marketing. Every day, we strive to elevate both the brand and the influencer, confident that truly aligned partnerships will succeed where others fall flat. As a team, we share a goal to rethink the existing agency model, providing support, strategy and expertise along the way.


the team

Laurie Buckle, CEO + Founder

Laurie Buckle
CEO + Founder


Jackie Segedin, Director of Brand Partnerships

Jackie Segedin
Director of Brand Partnerships


Renae Getlin, Director of Content + Strategy

Renae Getlin
Director of Content + Strategy


Anna Fatlowitz, Assistant Director, Brand Partnerships

Anna Fatlowitz
Assistant Director,
Brand Partnerships


Edie Horstman, Operations Manager

Edie Horstman
Operations Manager


Team CookIt

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