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Jackie Segedin

We work with some of the most amazing people and we thought it would be fun to step away from the emails and phone calls for a few seconds and introduce one of them!

5 Things You Don’t Know About…

Jackie Segedin, Senior Account Manager

Hey there, it’s Jackie here! I spend a majority of my day fostering and managing sponsored brand partnerships for the incredible food bloggers we represent. If I am not in email, you can find me on the phone either talking big ideas and influencer strategies with brands and PR agencies or catching up with our bloggers to find unique ways to grow their brand.

1. I am one of six children, and currently an aunt to 13 kids under the age of six. I count my blessings daily. They have all been my greatest gift.

2. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, especially through a camera lens. In fact, in my early 20’s, I ran and owned a wedding photography business!

3. The ocean is my true north, but ironically, I live in Denver, CO. My dream is to one day live back at the beach.

4. I am a sucker for pesto, pizza, peanut butter ice cream, and—tikka masala.

5. When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming an actress. So, my parents sent me off to acting school. To no one’s surprise, I performed especially well in class, but to everyone’s disbelief when it was time for the final play — I blacked out and forgot all my lines. To this day, my biggest fear is public speaking, which is hard to believe because anyone who knows me thinks I am made for the stage.

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