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As brand strategists, we have a bone to pick with the word, “niche.” We meet many influencers and entrepreneurs looking for that special something that defines their brand and the content they create. But what is a niche, really?

We’ve found that most individuals think of a niche as a narrowing of their content. For instance, some wellness bloggers want to create a specialty in healthy recipes or even recipes for a particular dietary concern, so they stop writing articles about wellness practices, fitness, or anything else they may have covered before. That’s a pretty limiting strategy, if you ask us!

Niche Marketing vs. Telling Your Brand Story

Instead of a niche, we help the folks we work with to find their story. How is this different from a niche? A story is a combination of your unique perspective (What skills and experience do you bring to the table?) and your audience (What do they need from you? How can you help them?) Most importantly: finding your story is all about expanding, not narrowing. 

#CookItCrew member Haley from Brewing Happiness creating content based on her brand story

Let’s consider the example of the wellness blogger. Maybe she found her “niche” with Paleo recipes. We would challenge her to think bigger. Maybe she’s a mom of three who is a whiz at meal prepping and getting dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. When we look a little closer at her audience, we realize the majority does not strictly follow a Paleo diet. They’re just looking for an easy way to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

How To Build Your Brand Story

Now we’re cooking! There’s an opportunity for this blogger to shape her story around those key insights, turning her brand into a digital resource for healthy living that makes it easy for moms to make healthy choices and cook at home more often. From here, the content opportunities expand significantly beyond Paleo recipes, making it possible for her to cover any recipe that fits the bill of simple, quick, and healthy—as well as topics like healthy ingredients, grocery shopping, and so much more. 

That’s why we say, find your story, not your niche. It’s the key to unlocking your brand’s potential, the lens through which you view the world and gather information and ideas that you can then turn into valuable content. From your readers’ perspective, a strong story builds loyalty and trust as they come to rely on you for the value that you provide to them. As an added bonus—you’ll always have an awesome elevator pitch when someone asks what you do! 


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