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Blogging has always been an evolving industry, but it’s only in the last few years that it’s reached a kind of critical mass, making it very difficult to rise above the noise and be heard. Many influencers have begun to discover that the blogging platform is holding them back. But there’s no one way to envision what’s next. It’s unique to each individual’s vision and goals.

A number of food and lifestyle bloggers are finding that their content strategies don’t draw the traffic or revenue they once did—or that they’ve reached a standstill in their growth. Even the most veteran content creators are finding it harder to stand out.

So, what’s going on with blogging? Is it going away? Are social platforms the new blogs? 

The short answer is no! Blogging isn’t going away. It’s just changing. In fact, we believe it’s more important than ever to treat your website as a key piece of your business. Think of your site as a product that brings value to your audience through the content you create. Unlike your social platforms, YOU own the content and decide how your reader will experience it.

However, unlike the early days of blogging, it takes more than interesting content to build a loyal audience and the opportunities that come along with it. Those who stand out in this crowded marketplace will be more like brands, with strong stories, robust content, and an understanding of what their audience will want from them in the next one, five, and even ten years.

Sound like a big job? It is! But the great news is that, once you start thinking differently about your blog and its potential, you’ll understand why certain brands have achieved real success. And you’ll be able to set yourself on that same path to building the thriving, sustainable business you strive for. 

Want to learn more? Head to to find out the details of what it takes to shift your mindset about blogging, scale your business, and stay ahead of the curve.

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