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If you’re like most brands, there’s a good chance your in-house content studio or creative agency has slowed to a halt. Creating expert food content, including recipe development, food photography and videos typically requires a team, and can’t be replicated in our current WFH environment.

The good news: We have a solution.

As consumers spend more time on social media searching for community, advice, and inspiration, brands need a different way to keep up with the growing demand for content. They need highly skilled creators that combine efficiency and economy—and that know what works in the social conversation. 

In other words, they need influencers! We created the CookIt Content Studio years ago, based on the idea that influencers are the content creators of the future. In addition to bringing efficiency and economy to the work of creating content, they also bring deep knowledge of the social space, and what works there. The result is expert, elevated content that teaches, informs and entertains in a uniquely social-first way. Here’s a taste.

Content that performs:

Taking a data-backed approach to the creation of cooking content that will most appeal to your target consumer group, we will work with our creators to deliver content that will help you achieve your goals. Here’s a look at the menu:


Original recipes:
Custom recipe content developed for the brand and utilizing the brand product(s).

No-recipe recipes:
Custom recipe concepts that utilize the brand product and don’t require instructions (ideal for social and video).

Food + Drink Video:

Informative, fast and entertaining overhead views of how to make a recipe.

Kitchen hacks:
Quick and fun ideas for simple cooking how-to’s.

Hosted How-to:
Influencer talent cooking her/his way through a recipe, cooking-show style. Tips, tricks and ah-ha moments included.

Lifestyle Video
A compelling visual story about all the ways your consumer can use your product in everyday life. 

Food + Drink Photography:

Brand packaging:
On-brand images to show off and elevate your product packaging. 

Social media:
Images created, edited, and cropped to help you elevate and define your brand aesthetic on specific platforms. 

Recipe heroes: 
A beautifully styled image of the finished dish.

A series of how-to images depicting a recipe’s key steps.

Lifestyle with product placement:
Images that tell a story about all the ways your consumer can use your product in everyday life. 

The CookIt Content studio harnesses all the expertise and efficiency of influencers as content creators. Alongside the CookIt team, which provides organization, oversight, and creative direction for each and every project, our creators are available to turn out the type of consistent, strategic content brands need to connect with their consumer right now.

Level up your content marketing plan!
Our CEO & Founder, Laurie Buckle, has decades of industry expertise to share about marketing and succeeding during uncertain times. Contact us to book a (free!) 30-minute strategy call with Laurie and get your brand on the road to success.

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