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The pace of social media is faster than ever right now. In the midst of this chaotic moment, we’re learning everyday from the influencers in our CookIt Network who are continuing to do what they do best: put their ears to the ground and listen to what their audience needs from them. 

Overwhelmingly, people are searching for solutions to the daily challenge of cooking and eating well at home. Influencers in the CookIt Network have answered that call with inspiring content that both fulfills their brand promise and speaks to the moment. 

Partnerships that resonate

Here’s just a few examples of how our influencers are finding creative ways to inspire and inform their audience through strategic brand partnerships. 

Thrive Market x Tasty Yummies: Stocking a healthy pantry
Beth positions Thrive Market as the one-stop shop for stocking a healthy pantry by showing her readers what they should keep on hand for cooking healthy meals everyday.
CA Avocados x Brewing Happiness: Getting creative with dry ingredients
Haley gives her followers a sweet and creative twist on a typical pantry-staple recipe while proving that CA Avocados are not only decadent enough to be dessert-worthy, but also a useful and versatile pantry staple.
Pete and Gerry’s x Omnivore’s Cookbook: Elevating pantry staples
While creating brand recognition for Pete and Gerry’s organic eggs, Maggie inspires her followers with an easy and versatile way to prepare this kitchen staple—along with plenty of delicious ideas for making them into complete meals!
Simple Mills x Gathered Nutrition: How to mix up lunch at home
Mia positions Simple Mill’s Paleo Pizza Crust as a delicious and better-for-you solution to lunch at home with a fun and easy recipe for mini paleo calzones.
Peelz Mandarins x Plays Well with Butter: A go-to WFH lunch formula
Jess gives her followers an easy and flexible formula for a perfect WFH lunch while introducing Peelz mandarins as the perfect solution to satisfy their sweet tooth while also making a healthy choice.

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