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CookIt Media is an influencer marketing agency that brings brands and influencers together around a shared passion for food.




We bring deep expertise in the food and lifestyle space to the conversation about branding, content creation and influencer marketing.

We work with brands and influencers to help them better understand each other, the marketplace, and their unique opportunity to grow together.


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A compelling story is the key to a powerful, effective brand. We work with influencers and brands to help them refine and articulate their story, to see what's unique about them and how to amplify that characteristic.


Content is the language we all speak, the tools we use to tell our story. We create strategic, beautiful content — recipes, photography, video — that illustrates and communicates your brand story. And because we work with influencers as content creators, we're able to do so more creatively and efficiently than most.


A strong, collaborative relationship between a brand and an influencer, forged around shared beliefs, is the key to an effective marketing strategy — one that elevates the influencer and delivers powerful results for the brand. We pride ourselves on building those kinds of partnerships.

word of mouth

  • “CookIt was fantastic to work with! They took the time to understand our company and goals, and developed a custom content program for us. Thanks to them (and photographer/recipe developer Elizabeth!), we now have a mouth-watering library of recipes and photography to support our content development efforts.”
    Family Tree Farms
  • “We are always WOW’d by the quality of posts and impressive amount of engagement we get month after month. CookIt knows how to create effective influencer programs that save us time and money—and get amazing results.”
    Beth Gordon | Flatout Flatbread
  • “Working with Laurie totally changed my approach towards growing my business. She inspired me to think big and then coached me in laying out the practical strategies and steps that would bring those dreams to life. Thanks to our CookIt Bootcamp, my entire team is now working towards the same goals and having a blast as we work together to achieve them!”
    Camille Styles |
  • “My traffic has doubled since working with CookIt, and sponsorship opportunities are more lucrative than ever. I can feel the momentum build around me, and I know I have CookIt behind me to maximize each opportunity.”
    Meggan Hill | Culinary Hill
  • “Working with Laurie and her team was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. She helped me see what was possible, gave me a fresh perspective on how I could better serve my audience, and ultimately, I walked away with a concrete strategy that will help my grow by business and brand. If you’re ever at a crossroads with your brand, or you simply don’t know what’s next, the Brand Bootcamp is the perfect place to start. Since my refresh, I’m more excited to create content, more energized to grow my community and I honestly look forward to sitting down to work everyday. It was the breath of fresh air that my business needed and I can’t wait to see where it will take me!”
    Alyssa Rimmer | Simply Quinoa

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