I give brands this holiday marketing advice every year

Think about social media as a big conversation that shape shifts around the things that interest us, from seasons to trends to personalities. For brands, the most important conversation happens around the biggest selling season of the year: holiday.

Come late September, we’re looking at three-plus months of conversation about spooktacular treats, pumpkin spice everything, turkey tutorials, cookie exchanges, boozy eggnog recipes, and gift guides. The smart influencer already has their content calendar ready to go, and the smart brand is already making plans for their holiday promotions.


In influencer marketing, supply and demand look different in Q4 than they do during any other time of year. Influencers’ calendars begin filling up with holiday partnerships as early as July. With higher demand and factors like exclusivity agreements in play, rates can often increase and rush fees may apply to partnerships that get booked late in the game.

That’s why the only way to really “win” in Q4 is to get a jump on your influencer marketing strategy now, while influencers can make room for you in their calendars, and while you still have the time to build out a results-focused strategy that will help you increase awareness, build authority, and connect with your target audience.

At CookIt, we’re here to help you get out ahead of the holiday rush, partner with the right influencers who can position your product squarely in the center of that big holiday conversation, and get the best results for your investment.

Don’t be late to the holiday party! We’re excited to help you create a digital marketing strategy that will crush your goals.

— Laurie Buckle, CEO + Founder

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