Hodo Foods: A brand that innovates through tradition

A bowl of Hodo Foods' Kung Pao Tofu recipe with rice and peanuts on the side.

A bowl of Hodo Foods' Kung Pao Tofu recipe with rice and peanuts on the side.

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In the past year, supply chain challenges and an increase in home cooking have given consumers new perspectives on their food. Conscious consumers care more than ever about how brands source their ingredients, produce their products, and think about sustainability.
While many brands are taking important steps toward responsible practices, brands like Hodo Foods have been getting it right from the start. In 15 years of business, they’ve used traditional methods and quality ingredients to create truly delicious plant-based products.
Hodo’s founder, Minh Tsai, started with a single farmer’s market stand in the San Francisco Bay Area, selling the tofu and yuba he couldn’t yet find on the market. Today, Hodo produces a suite of plant-based products that consumers can find in grocery stores and ingredient-forward restaurants, like Sweet Green and Chipotle.
Though they’re now 130 employees strong, Hodo hasn’t strayed from using traditional methods to create top-quality, artisanal products like their Harissa Tofu Cubes, Adobo Mexican Crumbles, and Thai Curry Nuggets. This includes using certified organic ingredients and working with US farms they know and trust.
Hodo’s ethos provides an example that others can follow as we move into a market where integrity, quality, and plant-based are growing values. Brands that can help consumers feel good about the products and ingredients they bring home will be the ones to gain their loyalty.

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