Our Q2 Trend Predictions

Now that we’re through the first (and coldest!) quarter of 2022, we’re seeing interesting trends emerge as brands and influencers continue to connect with their audiences. From a new crop of barbecues to health-conscious energy drinks, here’s a closer look at our Q2 trend predictions.

Edible Tableware
  • Reduction of single use containers and plastic waste continues to be a hot topic.
  • The start of the edible packaging revolution is here!
  • Instead of reusable tableware, try opting for edible spoons, plates and straws.
Healthy Energy Drinks
  • Consumers are interested in healthy sources of energy and trying to ween off coffee.
  • They want a drink made with clean ingredients that tastes great, so they can feel great about drinking it.
Seaweed to the Rescue
  • While seaweed had a deep history, this edible ocean superfood is going to continue to expand in the food space. It’s an affordable, abundant and easily accessible crop.
  • Beyond seaweed chips, we can expect to see it in things such as Jello, Tea, and Salsa.
The New Grill
Label Me This!
  • Regenerative: It’s the buzzword of the year! But what exactly does it mean? This definition is a bit complicated, but generally speaking, “regenerative agriculture” is a holistic approach to farming that gives back to the land. 
  • This form of agriculture is focused on reduced tillage, diverse crop rotations, and drawing greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere and into the ground. 
  • The Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) label is beginning to make an appearance on products in grocery stores around the nation, with brands like Alec’s Ice Cream, Patagonia Provisions, and Sol Simple leading the regenerative movement.
Rise in Pinterest Content
  • According to the Global State of Digital, in 2021 Pinterest was the 14th largest social media network in the world.
  • 80% of Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
  • This number is only going to grow and help brands to reach new audiences, drive more traffic to their owned websites and social channels.
  • In the food world, this means that Pinterest content will increase and drive traffic to influencers’ websites where the recipe and brand story will live. Sam of Frosting and Fettuccine, Ed of Dward Cooks, and Lexi and Beth of Crowded Kitchen are good examples of how to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to a blog. 
The Blog is Back
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