Our Q3 Trend Predictions

Between 4th of July barbecues, back to school season, Labor Day sales, and the possibility of a recession, Q3 is stuffed to the brim with opportunities for creative content. From time-saving dinners to modernized comfort food, here’s a closer look at what we think will be trending in Q3.

Back to busy

As back to school season looms, consumers are on the search for quick, simple, and healthy lunch and dinner options. Air fryers will stay strong, but slow cookers are gaining steam (sales are 96% YOY). Key searches will include:

  • Lunch box ideas
  • Easy weeknight meals 
  • 30 minute meal 
  • Air fryer recipes 
  • Slow cooker recipes
  • Sheet pan meals
  • Healthy vegetarian dinners


Making the most out of summer produce 

Consumers are looking for easy ways to preserve their summer produce at its peak. Q3 is a great time to start featuring recipes using the following techniques: 

  • Freezing 
  • Canning 
  • Pickling


Comfort food with a twist 

Brands are putting a lot of focus on reimagining classic dishes for those with dietary restrictions and/or preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, high-protein, and low-carb diets. Some topics that consumers are going to be especially interested this quarter in include:

  • Vegetarian/vegan BBQ ideas
  • Gluten-free pasta recipes
  • Dairy-free desserts
  • Low-carb casseroles
  • Vegan Instant Pot recipes


Plant-based products

Plant-based eating might not seem like a new trend, but it is still very much on the rise.  Bloomberg predicts plant-based products will reach $162 billion in value by 2030, and food companies are jumping at the opportunity to meet this growing demand. A few plant-based products on the rise include:

  • Plant-based seafood, like salmon burgers from Good Catch
  • Plant-based low carb snacks, like veggie snacks from Root Foods
  • Even more milk alternatives, like sesame milk from Hope and Sesame
Mocktails > cocktails

Mocktails are the beverage industry’s latest it girl. Searches for non-alcoholic cocktail recipes are at an all time high this summer and we predict these tasty drinks will continue to gain popularity as we head into the holiday season. Trending searches among consumers are:

  • How to order a mocktail at a bar
  • Non-alcoholic liquor
  • Canned mocktails


Recession recipes

Talks of an impending recession are popping up all over social media right now, which might leave you wondering, “how does this affect the conversation around food?” In short, consumers will be looking for ways to stretch their dollar and feed their families without losing any flavor. Searches for the following topics are on the rise:

  • Budget-friendly foods
  • Meal prepping
  • Pantry meals
  • How to eat healthy on a budget
  • Couponing
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