What’s Trending in September

From Labor Day weekend to the NFL kickoff, September is a treasure trove of opportunities to create content as we transition from summer to fall. Seasonal produce, upcoming holidays, and classic autumn activities are on everyones’ mind and in everyones’ search boxes. Need help planning out your September content? Here’s a list of holidays and topics to help you fill up your editorial calendar for the upcoming month.

Notable Dates

  • Labor Day (September 5th) – Labor Day weekend unofficially marks the end of summer, with most Americans using the three day weekend to squeeze in the last bit of their  warm weather plans. Use this holiday as an opportunity to fire up the grill one last time, or show your audience how to make the most out of their leftover summer produce.

Trending Topics

  • Fall: The first day of fall is September 23rd! As the weather starts to cool off, consumers are gravitating towards hearty, carb-centric meals, like stews, soups, pastas, and homemade breads. Our advice? Create cozy recipes using seasonal ingredients such as apples, pumpkin, and squash.

  • Dinner recipes: According to Pinterest Trends, consumers are on the hunt for easy dinner recipes for busy weeknights, especially ones that use cheap ingredients like chicken or beef. Recipes that use the slow cooker, instant pot, and air fryer are also surging in popularity.

  • Shortcut ingredients: As consumers return to routine, the desire for quick recipes using pre-made ingredients rises. Consumers are reaching for products that make cooking easy, like jarred pasta sauces, frozen vegetables, and deli meats. Meal prepping is also a popular search this time of year, according to the Exploding Topics tool.

  • Tailgating: Fall is football season, which means that fans are looking for dishes that are guaranteed to be the talk of the tailgate. Finger foods, sandwiches, sliders, and wings are always popular in the parking lot.

  • Holidays: If you walk into any major retailer, you’ll know that summer is over and the holiday season is here. According to Google Trends, searches for “Halloween”, “Thanksgiving”, and “Christmas” start to rise in September and continue to pick up speed throughout Q4.

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