Campaign: Chinet

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The Challenge

Chinet partnered with creator Kasim Hardaway to promote the many ways their products can be used in a festive table setting, and to help their consumers learn how to make easy, delicious meals for their holiday celebrations.

Kasim came up with a concept built around the idea of a holiday cooking boot camp, and hosted two in-person classes, plus a live cooking class. Social promotion was also included.

Objectives: Learn the basics of cooking delicious dishes for seasonal gatherings and show how Chinet’s products make entertaining effortless.

Our Solution

Kasim’s goal was to help his community experience the brand in real time, and explore all the ways Chinet helps them create a memorable table and feast. “I love bringing people into a space and sharing the experience the brand brings to their lives,” said Kasim.

Kasim’s boot camps were a mix of cooking how-to and creative serving ideas. Chinet cups were used to serve a special cocktail and double as a vase. Chinet’s plates became the foundation for beautiful charcuterie boards.. 

Boot camp participants and Kasim’s followers came away with inspiring ideas for easy, effortless holiday entertaining. 

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