Custom Content: Peelz

The Challenge

Peelz boasts the freshest, most flavorful citrus around. Their wide variety of products is not only healthy, delicious, and convenient. It’s also versatile. Peelz engaged CookIt to show off that versatility with something different —something fun and unexpected that also highlighted the beauty and benefits of their products. 

Services: Recipe development, recipe photography, lifestyle photography, product image.

Our Solution

Working with content creator, Elizabeth Van Lierde, we explored all the fun recipe and  lifestyle directions that fit with Peelz brand. 

The result? Fresh, seasonal, and super-appealing recipes that look beautiful and are fun and easy to prepare. To show consumers how citrus can be a versatile part of their routines, we mixed in non-edible concepts around home, wellness, and self-care (think DIY citrus salt scrub, citrus ice cubes, and more!).

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