Don’t pause your marketing plan! Here’s why.

If you’ve been hesitant to share new content during this difficult time, you’re not alone. We’ve seen brands and influencers alike pause their content calendars and outreach efforts, unsure of what to say to their audience. 

While it’s true that extraordinary circumstances call for a shift in approach to your content, a closer look at how people are shopping and using the internet right now shows that it’s not time to pause. In fact, it indicates that there’s a big opportunity to make a deeper and lasting connection with a wider audience. 

What the Data is Telling Us

Here are three promising findings that show it’s not only the right time to connect with your audience, but also a chance to increase brand loyalty and grow your platforms.

  1. Social media use is up
    We’re all looking to feel more connected during this time of increased isolation, and social media is proving a helpful tool for that goal. Among a core audience demographic for most brands and influencers (18 to 34-year-olds), usage is up 40% for both Facebook and Instagram. This presents an opportunity to reach a wider audience that is not only spending more time on these platforms but also seeking genuine connection. Both brands and influencers who can speak to the moment and empathize with their audience have a chance to win greater attention and loyalty on their active channels.

  2. Influencers are seeing a rise in site traffic
    Behind the scenes, influencers in our CookIt Network are reporting as much as a 76% increase in site traffic compared with this time last year and a 35% increase compared with last month. Influencers who can keep up with the conversation about what and how to cook right now have a chance to get new eyes on their site. Brands can leverage all of this consumer attention by working with influencers who are well positioned to introduce their products to a larger market and planning timely campaigns that speak to their consumers aspirations and challenges.

  3. Grocery stores are selling out of products
    People are cooking at home and stocking their pantries like never before. Grocery stores are seeing unprecedented spikes in sales. For instance, revenue increased between 30 and 60% for grocery stores in most states during the last full week of March. Consumers are going online to find ideas and inspiration to help them use all those new items in their pantries, as indicated by the rise in search terms like, “pantry staples” (which saw an 115% increase according to one platform). Brands and influencers have a chance to gain a share of this increased attention by paying attention to these trending queries and offering valuable guidance and solutions. 

It can be daunting to pivot so quickly when you may have formed your Spring 2020 content marketing strategy well in advance. And it can be especially difficult to create a strategy around a constantly evolving conversation. But the data shows us that people are online and looking for the ideas and inspiration you can provide to them.

This is a chance to not only gain awareness among a wider audience but also gain their loyalty. More than ever, people are looking for authentic and valuable content. Whether it’s a brand that makes their lives a little more convenient or an influencer with an easy dinner strategy to feed the whole family, they will return to the resources that recognize the challenges they’re facing and offer real solutions.

Need help jumping on this opportunity? Let’s chat! We’ll create a campaign that speaks to your consumer and gets you front and center in the conversation happening on social right now. 

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