From IG to the Dinner Table: How Influencers Start Important Conversations

Social media has changed since the start of the pandemic. As they faced new challenges brought on by their changing circumstances, people turned to social for community, inspiration, and guidance. More than ever, their favorite platforms became a place to connect around shared values, discuss important topics, and rally around an idea or a cause. 

Many of these important conversations are happening with the help of influencers, who have made it their job to understand and empathize with their target audiences. A skilled influencer looks beyond demographics to understand what their audience cares about, what they aspire to and what everyday challenges they are currently facing. 

That skill is what makes influencers perfect facilitators for the conversations we’re having on social media right now, such as racial injustice and fair pay. Throughout the pandemic, influencers have shown the world that their content isn’t just about cheese boards and fruit washing hacks. In fact, many of them have seen it as their role to introduce these hard-hitting, important topics into their content.

Though the pandemic has spotlighted their ability to get people talking, this is something influencers have always done. They’ve built their followings on trust, bringing together an audience around shared values—including a love of food. And that connection brings everyone to a virtual table together, setting the stage for those important conversations to take place, and encouraging people to take them offline to their own dinner tables. 

How brands can get a seat at the virtual table


In order to connect with their consumer, it’s important for brands to get in on these conversations, too. More than ever, consumers want to know that a brand aligns with their core values before they invest in a new product or service. Jumping into these conversations allows brands to not only show consumers where they stand, but also stay relevant and interesting to their consumers.

But it can be difficult for brands to understand their role in these conversations. That’s where influencers come in. They’re already entrenched in the conversations that matter to their audience. And they have loyal followings that are already aligned with their values and trust their recommendations. When an influencer introduces her audience to a brand she loves, she’s implicitly letting them know that they can trust that brand and its value to them.

For an example of how this can work, take this partnership between Sara Copeland of @edibleliving and Roth Cheese @rothcheese, which dates back to the start of the pandemic. At that time Sarah (and her readers) were struggling with the mental and emotional challenge of coordinating work and homeschooling schedules. Sarah offered an easy-yet-elevated dinner recipe featuring Roth cheese as a solution to long difficult days in quarantine, effectively centering the brand in a conversation about family and forgiving yourself for not always doing it all. 

An impactful way for brands to connect with their consumers


When it comes to addressing their consumers’ values, concerns, and aspirations in this rapidly changing world, brands have a powerful partner in influencers. By inspiring their audience with recipes, ideas, and stories from their own table, influencers empower consumers to get talking-—both on and offline—and bring brands into the conversation, too.

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