Four Ways To Up Your PR Game: A Guide For Influencers

While hiring out your PR to an individual or an agency is going to get you the most press, there are a few things you can do on your own to not only get your name out there but also create future opportunities for your brand and blog at the same time.

Here’s four things to start doing now to up your PR game from our resident PR expert, Molly!

  1. Ingratiate yourself! – By becoming familiar with the brands you want to work with, and getting them familiar with you and your blog, you’ll open the door for their PR team to pitch on your behalf at no cost to you. I.e. if they’re looking for an influencer’s opinion on their new product, you’ll be a familiar face they can reach out to!
  2. Be a yes (wo)man – When editorial platforms come to you asking to feature you, consider the benefits outside of just the pay. Even if it’s below your typical media kit rate, make sure you’re also thinking about the future, and further possible mentions in a reputable publication.
  3. Have a press page – Establishing your own relationships with media outlets can actually help bring in potential new business for you. By listing the publications you’ve been featured in, you are giving yourself bonus points when an interested brand comes to your site.
  4. Offer to be a brand’s spokesperson – People are often camera shy, while influencers are comfortable in front of the big screen. When speaking with brands offer yourself to be a lifestyle spokesperson for any tv segments they’re pitching. in exchange, other brands will see you on broadcast and know that you’re a go-to resource when they are their booking segments.

By practicing the above, you not only create PR opportunities for your brand now but you are also opening yourself up to future brand partnerships down the line. The more you can get your name out there, the more brands will take notice. Not to mention, the increase in publicity can lead to more views on your website and more social followers, allowing you to work with a higher caliber of brands, charge more per partnership, increase your ad revenue, and more.


image: The Bojon Gourmet x Canon

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